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The 2018 E-commerce Holiday Calendar

Count down to the holidays with us! Each day, a new door will be unlocked to reveal an e-commerce goodie - from original content to informative guides, industry insights and other surprises - for your viewing pleasure.

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'Tis the season! Let's have a look at the top 5 trends that we're seeing this holiday season

The Holiday season tends to set new records every year, with holiday sales growing year on year in essentially all markets. Well into the shopping season, what trends are we seeing and what can still be predicted? We've identified five things for you to keep track of...


Behind door number two, here's an audience guide for you!

How do you best engage – or re-engage – your audiences? Facebook holds a near infinite amount of data about its users, which allows advertisers to target an audience more precisely than ever before. But how do you find the right audience for your brand? And is your budget best spent on re-engaging old customers or finding new ones?

We answer these questions – and more – in the ebook!


Let's break down Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Check out our infographic on the trends we saw from this year's Black Friday weekend. Which market saw the most enthusiastic shoppers? What was the most recommended product in the Nosto system? We've broken down some of the most interesting data and packaged it into a neat little infographic – check it out!


Date the data – let our expert Jan take you on an AI journey [With Magento]

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly shaping the future of e-commerce, and the most critical element to adopting this technology efficiently lies in the data you collect. But just how does AI work to create the kinds of personalized, relevant online experiences consumers have grown to expect from the brands they love?

Check out the webinar to learn more!


Why advent calendars are a brilliant business hack for retailers

Chances are this calendar is not the only advent calendar you're following this season – the advent calendar is the new darling of the holiday season for brands and online businesses alike. Check out Klarna's run-down of why you as a retailer should look into this marketing strategy. 


It's raffle time!


On December 6, many countries in Europe celebrate St Nicholas. In Finland though, where Nosto was founded, December 6 is Independence Day. So in honor of these celebrations, we're hosting a Finnish themed-raffle! Click below to enter for the chance to win a mystery gift!


The Q1 Survival Guide helps you through the January sales slump 

The transition into Q1 after the holidays is often anything but smooth. With a significant drop in revenue compared to December sales, the first three months of the new year are often riddled with profit losses, a higher percentage of abandoned carts and unsuccessful social advertising strategies... That’s where our 2018 Q1 Survival Guide comes in.

Get tips on how to best tackle common Q1 roadblocks and start the year strong!


To GIF or not to GIF...

That is the question. Whether you like GIFs or not, they do have the potential to catch consumers' attention. If you're debating incorporating them into your strategy, check out this site for inspiration and a run-down of what you should now about GIF-marketing.


Case Sunday: Woodhouse

Sundays are for relaxing. Why not check out a case on how UK retailer Woodhouse has incorporated a more personalized approach to their business?


Give your customers the experience they deserve in your store

Well known for it's "customer obsession", Amazon provides consumers with the journey retailers around the world aspire to deliver. This customer centricity is part of the company's immense success - but what do you do if you're not Amazon and lack its resources and scale? Together with industry experts across the e-commerce ecosystem, we've identified five aspects of the customer journey where Amazon excels. The result: one guide that reveals tangible advice on how retailers can learn from Amazon and implement these tactics into their business.


Insights matter. What would you do if you knew a little bit more?

Understanding your customers is the most fundamental step in driving relevant shopping experiences. What if we told you that you can now action these insights across your Facebook and Instagram ads strategy in just a few simple clicks? 


The email marketing Lookbook for the 2018 Holiday Season

Get your creative juices flowing this festive season with campaigns that surprise, delight and fuel your next best action. dotmailer provides us with their best tips and tricks for the season. 


St Lucia Raffle! Have you mapped out your 2019 ecommerce strategy? 


Do you know what areas of your shop to optimize? Nosto is raffling off a complimentary analysis of your online store and optimization call with a Nosto ecommerce expert (worth €600!). To enter, simply shoot us an email by clicking the button below. The winner will be contacted in January.


Your 2019 calendar! What holidays should you focus on next year? 

With an increasingly global world, what holidays do you need to factor into your 2019 planning? Check out our neat overview of the most important dates to pencil in and create campaigns around.


Saturday Stat!

Did you know that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one? Still, 44% of companies have a greater focus on customer acquisition vs. 18% that focus on retention. Some food for thought when you plan for 2019.


Sporty Sunday with Function 18

Need a break from the holiday shopping? Here's another case to provide you with some inspiration regarding what you can do in terms of advanced personalization next year.

Open case 


Power up Plus! [With Shopify]

If you’re one of the 600,000+ online retailers operating on Shopify - or considering becoming one - you have access to a world of valuable technologies that enable you to transform the shopping experience. With so many possibilities at your fingertips to power up your platform, choosing the ‘dream team’ of ecommerce tech stacks for your store can prove to be an overwhelming task… Check out the guides provided by Yotpo, Klevu, Brightpearl, Bronto, Smile.io, and Nosto to see what you can do on Shopify Plus!


Guide: Anatomy of an Ecommerce Store

Creating an attractive, well-functioning, fully optimized ecommerce website is a daunting task and one that is ripe with potential pitfalls. But while each site is unique, there are best practices that you should be following. Which is why we have created “The anatomy of a successful ecommerce store - a page by page guide to optimizing your website”. Everything you need to improve every area of your online shop!


Stop wasting time on brand awareness

Brand awareness doesn't matter, but customer engagement does! Let Smile.io show you how to grow sustainably with a strong brand community built on emotional relationships that last.


Let's look ahead: 3 tips from the content expert for planning holiday campaigns

Do you know what to think about when you build your content campaigns for next year? Let Nosto's content expert Zulay tell you about three things you absolutely need to incorporate into your content camapaigns.


Friyay Raffle! Join Nosto at an industry event next year!


Team Nosto always goes to the top events, and now we're giving you the chance to join us at one of the top events in the Nordics, UK or the US.

Shoot us an email with the subject line "Dec 21 Calendar Raffle" and include your name, company and URL, and a 15 word motivation as to why you would be an excellent event companion. We will contact the winners in January.


Are you the internet's next top model?

User-generated content is taking over the e-commerce world. Suddenly sites and corporate social accounts are filled with relatable people in situations you can imagine yourself in. Check out our run-down on UGC and get some inspiration on how you can use it yourself!


Final day shopping! Need last minute inspiration for your own purchases?

These are the recommended products most people around the world clicked on this time last year... 

USA: Buttlifter underwear, a hoodie, and Adidas sneakers
UK: "Game over" mug (closely followed by a Harry Potter Marauder's Map heat sensitive mug), Fleecy knee boots, and workout tights
Germany: Winter jacket, boxer shorts, and Nike Air Max sneakers
France: Jogger pants, a fur-lined men's jacket, and women's overknee boots
Nordics: Bootcut pants, holiday dresses, and GORE-TEX boots
Australia & New Zealand: Capri pants, a nightgown followed by a host of summer dresses 


Happy Holidays!

Thank you for joining us for this year's Holiday Calendar. We want to wish you the happiest of holidays and look forward to seeing you next year (or perhaps already during Cyber Week II) for some more e-commerce-related fun.


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