Deliver personalized
product recommendations on
Facebook across every device!

Increase your Return On Ad Spend with personalized product recommendations, automate the setup and management of Facebook ads, and increase onsite conversions and return business.

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Maximize your conversions
with Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook and Instagram have a combined total of over 2.5 billion monthly active users. And Nosto's easy-to-use Campaign Creation Wizard allows for dual placement of your Dynamic Product Ads on both platforms or just one at a time.

The best part? We win when you win. A sale is only attributed to Nosto if a customer sees or clicks a Nosto-generated product ad and makes a purchase within those 24 hours. Nosto only takes 3% of the revenue we help you generate.

What challenges led Nicehair to embrace the power of personalization? Read their story.

Ebook: Ecommerce Guide to Facebook and Instagram Audiences

Facebook holds a near infinite amount of data about its users, which allows advertisers to target an audience more precisely than ever before. But how do you find the right audience for your brand?

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Setup, Automation and Ease-of-use

  • One-click installation (or adding just a few snippets of code) to your ecommerce platform

  • Automated product uploads and Facebook and Instagram pixel positioning

  • Simplified and user-friendly ad creation

Personalized product recommendations for increased ROAS

  • Deliver personalized product recommendations in real-time with Nosto’s proprietary machine learning algorithms

  • Patented cutting-edge sharing of product and user data with Facebook and Instagram

  • Continuous management and optimization of product feed and Facebook and Instagram pixel events and APIs

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value and online sales

  • Increase conversions with personalized onsite Product Recommendations and Behavioral Pop-ups

  • Increase first-time conversions with discount pop-ups only for users who land on your site by clicking on your Facebook and Instagram ads

  • Retargeting with emails and/or additional Facebook and Instagram ads of shoppers who have recently visited your store, abandoned their shopping cart, or purchased something from you

Customer Success Stories

Supercharge your online story by leveraging
both Facebook and Instagram ads!

Increasing Conversion and Retention
(Maximize CLTV by implementing all of Nosto’s personalization solutions)
+ Onsite product recommendations and behvioral pop-ups
+ Personalized email retargeting
Managing Facebook and Instagram Ads
+ Deliver personalized product recommendations with proprietary algorithms for data analysis and user profiling
+ Continuous management of product feed and Facebook and Instagram pixel events and APIs
Setting up Facebook and Instagram Ads
+ Automated Product uploads
+ Automated Facebook and Instagram pixel positioning
+ Simplified and user-friendly ad creation

With Nosto’s Facebook Ads we have seen a significant increase in sales and conversion from Facebook Ads. The customer support of Nosto is very agile and easy to get a hold of. When a problem or question emerges help is never far away, and this is something we’re extremely happy for.”

Cristoffer Winter, eCommerce Business Analyst

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