Get ready to personalize the entire customer experience.

Nosto released its new AI-powered Segmentation & Insights and Onsite Content Personalization via live webinars on September 5th, 2018.

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Watch the webinar on-demand!

September 5th 2018 marked the date when Nosto launched new products that will transform the way ecommerce brands deliver personalization at scale. We released our new AI-powered Segmentation & Insights and Onsite Content Personalization offerings allowing ecommerce professionals leverage the power of real-time behavioral data to automatically deliver entirely unique brand experiences to every visitor coming to their store.

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Webinar agenda

  • Welcoming words Jim Löfgren, Nosto’s new CEO
  • Unveiling Our New Products Isaac Moshe, CMO
  • Live product demo  Romain Sassareu, Product Manager
  • The retailer's journey Ben Slaven, Marketing Director at Function18
  • Closing remarks

Transform the way shoppers experience your brand online

On September 5th we revealed a series of new products that not only transform the way shoppers experience your online retail brand, but also maximize revenue implications for your business.


We have revolutionized the approach to segmentation in ecommerce. Our AI analyzes both transactional events and online browsing behavior in real-time to understand buying intent and the Customer Lifecycle. Our segments are both custom and automated and can be used to tailor personalization strategies based on any attribute.


Over the past 7 years, we have anonymously gathered and analyzed the browsing and transactional data of shoppers and are now surfacing that data to our partners and customers! The goal? To help you better understand online shoppers, map out their customer journeys and segment them based on their buying preferences - all within the same Nosto platform.

Onsite Content Personalization

Go beyond Onsite Product Recommendations and Onsite Pop-ups to tailor the entire store experience: from the navigation bar, to banner imagery, brand logos, CTAs, and even videos.

What makes Nosto unique?


AI engine trained exclusively on ecommerce data
Our engine has analyzed millions of shopping journeys across thousands of online stores.

Multi-goal optimization
We don't just optimize for relevance - we optimize for your revenue.

Engineered for scale
Highly scalable infrastructure capable of dealing with 3M concurrent sessions in real time

Ease of use

Rapid, risk-free deployment
Our patented solution and partnerships with the top Ecommerce Platforms allow you to go live in days, not months.

Integrate seamlessly across your entire ecommerce tech stack
Connectors with the major ecommerce tech providers provides richer personalization.

Power at your fingertips
Nosto’s beautifully-designed UI & sophisticated tooling allows you to react quickly without the need for IT resources.

Sole focus on ecommerce

Team of 100+ Ecommerce Experts
All we do is ecommerce. Our team works with thousands of online retailers, so we’ve learned what works (and what doesn’t).

Proprietary data reports
Performance benchmarks & insights to guide best practices

An Ecommerce Community
Webinars, workshops & Socials to share learnings and succeed together.

Nosto is trusted by over 2,500 retail brands across the world