Social Commerce Week

Hosted April 10-12, 2018

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Let’s face it: social commerce has fundamentally shaped how online retail works and the way brands should interact with their customers. These days, consumers are placing their trust in their social media news feeds - and input from their fellow shopping peers - to inspire their next purchase.

Authenticity and personalization are key factors that empower online retailers to establish trust and a unique, meaningful connection to their customers. But just how do you deliver the right content to the right people, and create a winning strategy that your customers will love you for?

Watch the recordings of this action-packed week hosted by brands excelling in social commerce, and experts from industry-leading technologies. All this to help you crush your social commerce game! 


Day 1

April 10th
Thought Leadership Track

Crowd mentality as a revenue channel for Social Selling

How should online brands leverage social media and human psychology for increased revenue in the 21st century? Why does the approval of others weight so heavily on our decisions? And more importantly - whats in store for social commerce.

Recommended for: Everyone

 9 am EDT / 1 pm GMT / 2 pm CET

 Valter Andersson, Technical Solutions Manager at Nosto

Nosto Customer Track

How to leverage ratings & reviews and UGC in Nosto recommendations

Join the first Nosto customer track session where Nosto Head of Customer Success for UK and Ireland, Cristina Alfonso, demonstrates how ecommerce professionals using Nosto can leverage UGC to power onsite recommendations and Facebook and Instagram ads. Cristina will also take Nosto customers through how to enable ratings an reviews in Nosto recommendations.  

Recommended for: Nosto customers

 10 am EDT / 2 pm GMT / 3 pm CET

Cristina Alfonso, head of Customer Success UK & IE at Nosto

Day 2

April 11th
Thought Leadership Track

Visual Marketing Done Right: Strategies to maximise authenticity across all touch points

Join to learn how top-performing brands leveraged user-generated content (UGC) across their marketing channels to deliver visual authenticity across all touch points – creating unique and improved user experiences, stronger brand equity, and driving revenue. Discover also how brands are adapting to the ever-growing need for mobile-first video by transforming existing static images - like UGC - into dynamic video content at scale.

Recommended for: Everyone

 9 am EDT / 1 pm GMT / 2 pm CET

 Elise Augarde, Strategic Partner Director of Monotype/Olapic

Nosto Customer Track

Day 3

April 12th
Thought Leadership Track

Nosto Partner Track