How To Drive Quality Traffic To Your Store Using Personalized Advertising

Part Two of the Nosto Complete Guide to Ecommerce Personalization.

Merchants spend an average of 90% of their marketing budgets on customer acquisition alone but when done badly it becomes it becomes little more than a drain on budgets and time.

In this ebook we will explain how personalizing your customer acquisition strategy will enable you to work smarter, rather than harder, when wooing potential customers.

Compared to general ads-

  • 54% of consumers find personalized ads to be more engaging
  • 52% find them more educational
  • 49 % find them more time-saving
  • 45% find them more memorable (45%)

In this ebook you will learn…

  • What personalization means in advertising
  • The different types of personalized advertising available to you
  • The personalization techniques that can be applied to these types of advertising
  • The benefits of personalized advertising
  • Who does personalized advertising well