Sarah Raven was established in 2008 to sell the very best of the plants that Sarah Raven the garden expert, writer and television broadcaster grows at Perch Hill. The company prides itself on the quality of their products as well as the comprehensive range of seeds, seedlings, plants, and gardening and floristry kits offered through the online store.

The online store was out to find new ways to capture the attention and inspire especially new visitors and amateur gardeners who didn’t necessarily know where to start browsing within the wide selection offered. To reduce bounce rate, the team behind the online store set out to find a personalization solution that would always display the most relevant items to each individual visitor. Due to the heavy impact of seasonality on demand of different items, any recommendations displayed would have to be automated to always reflect the seasonality of products so customers would know what buy and plant at any given point in the year.

Since going live with Nosto, the Sarah Raven online store has increased its conversion rate by 161% and AOV by 4% for people interacting with Nosto recommendations.

What did Nosto to for Sarah Raven together with partner blubolt?