Nosto Personalized Behavioral Pop-Ups Case Study: Greatdays

Having successfully used Nosto personalization features for some time, Greatdays jumped at the chance to further benefit from the impact of personalization on their business by adding behavioral pop-ups to their online store when Nosto launched the feature in the summer of 2015.

Greatdays had been losing out on a lot of potential revenue because the company had no way of retargeting unidentified customers. By implementing a solution that would allow Greatdays to capture valuable email address of first time and other unidentified visitors, the company would be able to naturally widen its marketing reach through retargeting resulting in increased online sales and happier customers.

Since going live with Nosto Behavioral Pop-ups Greatdays has seen
- 60% increase in conversion
- 18% increase in average order value
- 90% more valuable customers
- 90% more sales

from customers clicking on Nosto pop-ups than those who didn’t interacting with the feature.