Design Online

Design Online was established in 2002 with a firm goal of creating a platform where anyone can access and buy Scandinavian design interior home decor irrespectively where they live. Today, the company serves customers in more than 70 countries.

Design Online was facing the challenge of working with over 11,000 static product pages in seven different languages, without any technical support for product recommendations. The company was also unable reflect the trends and preferences of each of its target markets on the different language versions of the online store and decided to set out to find a solution provider with the ability to deliver customers a dynamic and personalized shopping experience not only based on that customer’s unique shopping behavior, but the trends and preferences of the market the customer is located in. Another key factor for the choice was Nosto’s fast implementation and the easy to manage admin that allows Design Online to optimize recommendations in real-time.

Design Online has converted customers 51% better with a 12% higher average order value since going live with Nosto personalization features.