With an assortment of over 30.000 different lamps, is one of the leading online retailers for lighting & accessories offering an outstanding consultancy service in combination with an easy to use online store.

Being one of the leading online retailers for lighting & accessories, was not short on customers, but with a growing selection of items in stock the online store realized the need to make the most out of their current traffic. chose Nosto as solution provider due to Nosto’s highly customizable personalization features and the possibility to set up personalized triggered emails quickly and easily. The fair pricing model with low set up costs and performance based pricing allowing to pay only for the added value generated,  were some of the key factors in the decision to chose Nosto over other solution providers.

Since going live with Nosto has seen an average increase in conversion of 81% and increases in average order value by 12% for people clicking on Nosto recommendations in