The Last Chance Holiday Webinar

Your 3 month ecommerce plan for a successful holiday season

This webinar was hosted Wednesday, November 8th.

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In the world of ecommerce, the holiday season comes earlier than expected. This busy period is bursting with sales potential and is a crucial time for online retailers to strategize how to maximize end-of-year ROI. But before the pre-sales cold sweats kick in, fear not: we have all the 411 on how to set yourself up for end-of-year success!

Valter Andersson our Technical Solutions Manager for the Nordic Market hosted this 'Last Chance Holiday Webinar' where he ran through month by month what actions you should take in November, December and January to not only ensure holiday success, but to ensure you avoid the January sales slump and kick off 2018 with style!


Valter Andersson
Technical Solutions Manager,
Nosto team Nordics