6 Technologies to Enhance
Your Shopify Plus Store

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How to Deliver Unique, Data-Driven Customer Experiences

Explore the value of data in powering personalization, the influence of segmentation in the customer buying funnel, and see examples of personalization in practice across key store pages (and stages) in the buying journey.

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Why Automation Is the Key to Email Marketing

Learn how to further refine email content to meet your audience’s needs, how to utilize email automation to convert more of your target audience, and the importance of revisiting your automated email campaigns regularly to ensure the strategy behind them hasn’t gone stale.

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The Changed Modern Commerce Landscape & the Rise of UGC

Discover why user-generated content is a ‘Power Up’ must-have for modern brands - plus, how to get more valuable content from your customers, ways to leverage UGC across the omnichannel buyer journey, and what results you can expect from using UGC in your ‘Power Up’ toolkit.

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How Reward Programs Help Boost Brand Advocacy

Are you using a rewards program to power up brand advocacy? Learn how rewards facilitate an increase in these brand advocates and explore the three steps for building a community and the five strategies you can start today to jumpstart your brand’s sustainable growth.

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Achieving a Better Search Experience

To establish an optimal on-site search experience you first need to learn how to examine your current on-site search offering, identify weaknesses and limitations, and how to deliver a best of breed search experience for your customers.

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The Power of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Identify when it’s time to consider an Enterprise Resource Planning system, how to choose the perfect ERP for your unique ecommerce business, and how to take your current ERP integration from good to exceptional with full-scale automation.

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