Integrated Commerce Growth Stack

Social proof backed personalized commerce experiences delivered at every touchpoint both onsite and offsite.

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About ICGS:

Seamlessly integrate your personalization, social proof and owned marketing channels to deliver unique award winning shopping experiences.

With the Integrated Commerce Growth Stack, brands can create, deploy and optimise unforgettable experiences across every touchpoint, orchestrating intuitive shopping journeys that increase customer lifetime value. Each best-in-class technology seamlessly integrates with the others, which allows brands to leverage the power of each in concert with the others.

  • Combine all three technologies to deliver social proof backed personalized experiences across all of your owned channels to ensure every experience is one that shoppers love.
  • Send personalized email and SMS campaigns that include or exclude content based on segments with Nosto and Klaviyo.
  • Personalize which reviews and user-generated content you show to customers based on their behavior across onsite recommendations and social media ads with Nosto and Yotpo.
  • Embed your best customer reviews, feedback, and user generated content into your email and SMS campaigns with Yotpo and Klaviyo.

Integrating three specialized platforms so that they operate like one gives brands the capability to deliver the robust customer experiences their customers desire without compromise while maintaining the actionability of a single platform.

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Powerful Personalization. Made Easy.

With a large roster of tools and deployment methods, Nosto gives brands the power to deliver unforgettable commerce experiences that combine the intuition of merchandising and the power of personalization. With Nosto, brands can create unique and relevant shopping experiences that address customers’ needs while simultaneously accomplishing the very specific commercial goals of the brand.


Own your growth. Engage your customers.

Klaviyo is the growth marketing platform chosen by more than 28,000 online and omnichannel businesses like Steve Madden, Case-Mate and more. With a platform that consumes more data than any other on the market, Klaviyo helps you build personalized experiences across email, SMS and more — and measure the results in revenue. Klaviyo's commitment to best in class integrations, data science and customer success helps you own your entire customer experience.


Leading eCommerce Marketing Platform

Yotpo, the leading eCommerce marketing platform, helps thousands of forward-thinking brands like Rebecca Minkoff, MVMT, Bob’s Discount Furniture, and Steve Madden accelerate direct-to-consumer growth. Our single-platform approach integrates data-driven solutions for reviews, visual UGC, loyalty, referrals, and more, empowering brands to create smarter, higher-converting customer experiences.