AI Deep Dive: How Data Is Powering the Ecommerce Experience

On-Demand Webinar

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly shaping the future of ecommerce, and the most critical element to adopting this technology efficiently lies in the data you collect. But just how does AI work to create the kinds of personalized, relevant online experiences consumers have grown to expect from the brands they love?

Listen in as Magento and Nosto explore the inner workings of AI in today's ecommerce world and discover how Nosto places an emphasis on data to tailor the shopping journey for each and every customer.

During this webinar you'll learn:
      • What is AI in retail and how it fuels the online shopping journey
      • The importance of real-time behavioral data vs. transactional data
      • The critical role of humans in a machine-driven ecosystem
      • What to look for in an AI vendor, including actionable brand examples illustrating these requirements

sp_jansoerensen.jpeg     Jan Soerensen, General Manager of North America, Nosto