Live throughout July 5 - August 16, 2018

Demystifying AI: The On-Demand Training Series

How Data Science Will Transform Retail

Demystifying AI: The On-Demand Training Series

Artificial Intelligence may be one of the hottest buzzwords in the world of retail, but its actual meaning draws a question mark in the heads of retailers worldwide. What is AI? And how can retailers apply this technology across their business to transform the retail experience?

Our latest white paper, Demystifying AI: How Data Science Will Transform Retail (created in collaboration with Retail Week), addresses these points and more; but now it’s time to put your knowledge to the test...

We’ve created an on-demand, 4-part video training series for you to explore more of AI and its technologies in your own time. Much like anticipating the newest episode of Westworld, you’ll receive access to a new 15-minute episode of Nosto’s AI training series throughout the summer. Each comprehensive video is equipped with bonus questions and a downloadable checklist to keep your brain in the AI mindset until a new episode is released!

Demystifying AI: The On-Demand Training Series is now available in German! Sign up for the series here


Part 1

Friday, July 6

Intro to AI and Machine Learning

Dissect the definition of AI and machine learning and how they differ from each other. Plus, take a peak under the hood of Nosto's machine learning engine.

Part 2

Thursday, July 19

Current State of AI in Retail and Where to Invest

Explore how the retail industry is currently embracing AI, machine learning and its technologies: assess the opportunities and analyze the functionalities currently leveraged by leading retailers worldwide. 

Part 3

Thursday, August 2

Overcoming the Hurdles in AI

Discover the challenges and limitations associated with disruptive technologies, where brands are falling short with adopting AI and how to properly map the journey.

Part 4

Available starting
Thursday, August 16

Course Summary and Practical Next Steps for Retailers

Learn what's next on the AI agenda and how Nosto is leveraging AI and machine learning to add unique value to the retail experience. 

Part 3

Available starting
Thursday, June 28

Intro into AI and Machine Learning and Assessing the Opportunity

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