Powerful Personalization
Made Easy on Magento

Deliver your customers personalized shopping experiences, at every touch point, across every device on Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Every customer is unique - are you treating them that way?

Nosto analyzes hundreds of thousands of data points in online stores, harnessing data to build a deep understanding of every customer in real-time. We use this information to automatically predict and deliver the most relevant shopping experiences at every touch point, across every device, allowing retailers to attract, convert, retain, and optimize their store in real-time.


2018 Partner Awards

Nosto is awarded with 'Thought Leader' and 'Commerce Marketing Team of the Year' awards at Imgine 2018!

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The Power of Nosto

At the core of The Power of Nosto are its patents, algorithms, and machine learning engine. This core creates individualized user profiles and a product graph which are then combined to create crowd logic and predictive revenue optimization of which products will sell the best to web store visitors. What’s more, this vast power is completely self-configurable by Nosto’s customers so that they can tweak how Nosto’s products work to match their own needs.

Nosto’s Ecosystem Relationships

Nosto is ecommerce platform agnostic but has premier partnerships with the top names. On top of the platforms, Nosto has out-of-the-box integrations with software services from various sectors. This makes integrations quick and seamless for the best possible experience. Notable exceptions include Nosto as a Magento Technology Partner, Nosto as a Facebook Marketing Partner, and Nosto’s API integration with MailChimp for one-click email address importing/exporting.

Fast Go-To-Market

Nosto’s integration and product experience leads to quick campaign launches and go-lives. This can be accomplished by any normal user and IT assistance is not required. The patented technology allows for a one-click installation through the Magento App Store or by adding just a few snippets of code to the web store.

Account Management and Retail Expertise

Nosto is renowned for its professional and friendly account managers and their mastery of the retail industry. Its customers work together with dedicated account managers, front-end designers, and product specialists to continuously optimize the experience both for themselves and for the visitors to their web stores.

The Definitive Guide to a Supercharged Magento Store

In this guide you’ll learn about the opportunities provided by the Magento ecosystem in empowering your business growth. You’ll find customer behavior data, real-life examples and actionable next steps, to take you all the way from theory to execution.


Customer Success Stories

Why Nosto to supercharge your Magento store?

  • Nosto complements Magento’s core capabilities by automating the delivery of personalized product recommendations ensuring real-time personalized shopping experiences for your customers.
  • Nosto significantly reduces the manual work required to set up and manage recommendations for e.g. dynamic upselling, cross selling and best sellers, and offers a wide variety of filtering possibilities.
  • Nosto allows Magento retailers to attract, convert and retain customers and brings all the data gathered from hunderds of touchpoints in your store to one hub - the Nosto dashboard. This ensures your rich data isn’t being locked away in silos, but is accessible, transparent and actionable.
  • Nosto provides a seamless connection between Magento and Facebook that not only allows you to get easily started delivering personalized Facebook and Instagram Ads, but continuously optimizes your campaigns for maximal ROAS.
  • As a Magento Premier Technology partner, Nosto adheres to Magento’s latest code quality standards and offers a trustworthy, easy, and seamless solution for eCommerce professionals on Magento.
  • Nosto integrates with Magento’s other preferred technology partners and offers out-of-the-box support for e.g. multi-currency setups, multiple sites and ratings & reviews.
  • Our ecommerce specialists have experience working with hundreds of Magento stores globally and our global partner network encompasses top Magento Solution partners and agencies specialized in Magento setups.

To compete in today’s world of commerce, merchants must adapt to address the high expectations of their technology-savvy customers. By partnering with Nosto, Magento merchants are able to leverage personalization to deliver exceptional and brand-worthy customer experiences.”

Mark Lenhard, Senior Vice President Strategy and Growth

We play nice with others in
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