Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. More Relevant Retargeting for Higher Return On Ad Spend

You spend a substantial amount of time and budget getting customers to your store, yet, on average, 97% of visitors to your website will leave without making a purchase.

It’s an all too familiar story and one of the problems keeping retailers up at night.  

But the customer journey doesn’t stop there. In fact, on average, it takes five visits before a customer is ready to commit, which means you have to continue to engage with these shoppers, wherever they may go...

That is where Facebook Dynamic Product Ads come in - highly relevant, personalized advertisements that work at a product level. Also known as the most effective way to retarget your customers, with a captive audience of 1.86 billion and an average of 12x ROAS... 

...and discover:

Your key to more successful social selling! 


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