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Bier Deluxe is Germany’s largest Craft Beer online shop and wholesalers for craft beer in bottles and kegs. At Bier-Deluxe you will find a wide range of German and international beer specialties, which you won’t find in the local liquor store around the corner. Unlike more conventional brews, Bier-Deluxe’s premium beers have aged in wooden casks, are made of exceptional quality hops variants and are produced using specific brewing techniques.

The company was experiencing a high bounce rate and were getting a lot of potential customers browsing on their site, but noticed that a large amount of these customers didn’t end up completing a purchase. They thus needed to find a solution that would allow the company to personalize its selection, offering the right items to the right customers at all times on all devices. 

Since going live with Nosto Bier-Delue had seen customers interacting with Nosto converting 166% better than customers who didn’t.